I have been using this tool to level the horizontal line on scope crosshairs for the past 20 years. Tool is very effective, quick & easy to use. Takes up very little space in your toolbox. Forces the shooter to level the horizontal line no matter how they mount & hold the rifle. Eliminates those errant bullet holes flying outside the group, caused by canting/rotating the rifle from the left or right.
I have used this to mount several scopes so far and it is a lot more simple than most methods and works very well.
I have used it for many years. It is very easy to use.I have tried others but always come back. I have used it on at least 100 scopes.
I used this to mount and level a new scope on my AR build with great ease and success. The square shape of the crossbar that holds the two flags fits easily into the rails ontop of an AR, so mounting it couldn't have been easier. I could see a benefit of the width of the crossbar allowing one to use it on a wide variety of rifle and scope combinations, so I'd bet this will probably be just what the doctor ordered for your next scope install.
This simple and compact tool makes quick work of leveling a scope to the rifle. This tool really shines if your scope does not have perfectly flat adjustment knobs (which bubble levels require).
This product is very easy to use. I used to try to eyeball the reticle against something that was ‘perfectly flat’ or ‘perfectly vertical’ but could never seem to get it just right. I bought the Segway Reticle Leveler and was amazed at how fast and simple it became to do this sometimes more complicated task. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Keep it simple.
I have used different methods to align the reticle but this has to be the simplest method I have tried.
I have used these on my long range rigs for years. They work, they are easy and simple. No bubble nonsense to deal with.
This is simple, effective and no more challenge trying to retain levels or have them fit in the rails or stay on the scope. Use your eyes to match the horizontal crosshair to the leveler lines, after securing the brass crossbar to any horizontal action surface.
I put my rifle in my gun vice. Attach the scope leveler and level the scope. Its just that simple.
Fast and simple. I’ve tried every say that I’ve heard about in the past to level reticles. A plumb bob and level, the 2 small levels, and a bore sighter have all given me problems. This cheap, simple device works better and easier than anything I’ve ever tried.
I’ve used a ‘level-level-level’ system in the past and have to say, that is too finicky to use. This makes the whole affair simple and painless. Use this system and forget the rest!
Stoked! I’m so happy that Straight Shot started making this wonderful tool again. I’m a former SEAL Sniper Instructor and after I lost mine I was somewhat lost. This makes the job so easy it’s silly.
Every serious shooter checks his optic mounting job, rechecks it, and checks again. The SGR helps ensure the vertical crosshair of your scope is pointing directly toward the center of the bore. This means all your fine adjustments will be spot-on and, just maybe, you will be too.
The ability to square the scope to the rifle without the rifle being level itself makes the job so simple. I had 7 scopes to check and 3 to level, had them all done in under an hour. Well worth the money.
Awesome leveler! Highly recommended. Makes the job easier and faster.
This is the simplest and best way to level a scope!
It don't get no better than this!
This tool works fantastic. Very simple to use. I have 2 and keep one in my shop and one in my range bag. I assist a lot of shooters in sighting their rifles, and most have mounted their own scopes and they aren’t properly leveled. If you need to mount a scope, get a Segway Reticle Leveler.
Does exactly as claimed. Well worth the money and a hell of a lot easier to work with. It’s a plus that the rifle does not need to be level for this to level your scope, as it squares to the receiver scope mount or top rail.
A local gunmaker in my town put me onto the original product. Best and most accurate leveler I have ever used and I’ve tried many.
I have owned one of these for about 18 years, but ruined it in 2011. Couldn’t find another, until by accident while looking at another leveler product today I found your eBay listing. Just finished paying for 2 of them.
I attended a precision rifle class at Blackwater many years ago. I had one of the folks conducting the class bring a long a new Nightforce scope for me to use (I was using an old Leupold fixed 10 power scope up until that time). As the other classmates were walking up to the 100 line to confirm zeros I'm off on the side working on the tailgate of a pickup truck mounting my new scope on my rifle. I’m sure they all thought that I was nuts to show up to a class and not have my gear all ironed out. With the help of the Segway Reticle Leveler I was able to quickly but correctly mount my new scope on my rifle. The next day I shot a 1/2 MOA group at 800 yds with that same rifle & scope setup. I’d NEVER try that stunt without a Segway as I know of no other way to mount a scope quickly but correctly. Boy, am I glad that you are making these Segway Reticle Levelers again!!!
Simple concept that works just as intended. KISS at its finest.
This is the fastest and easiest method I have ever used.
Amazingly simple device! Leveled my scope crosshairs quickly.
Just what I needed. Works great and takes all the guesswork out of the leveling process. Finally something that works!

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